Peanut Crayons Drawing Set (12 pieces)

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The perfect way to introduce crayons to your little ones!🎨

(and create hours of FUN and EVERLASTING memories together 🤩)

"My 2-year-old grandson loves these crayons. They have vibrant colors to them and are sturdy. He dropped them on the floor several times, and they are still fine! I heartily recommend these!"


Why is this super fun toy a must-have?

🎨CLASSIC COLORING: these simple tools have the ability to unleash countless hours of self-expression and imaginative play. Are you looking to update your crayon collection? Check out our exciting specialty peanuts crayons. The classic colors are always a hit with kiddos.

✋CLEAN HANDS: stay away from dirty crayons painted on hands without a trace. Ultra-clean washable crayons, easy to remove from most surfaces, including skin, fabric, painted walls, and more.

👷NON-TOXIC AND SAFE CRAYONS: safety is a big concern for us. Children have a habit of putting everything into their mouths. Our crayons are made from 100% Non-toxic natural wax, which doesn’t include soluble elements such as lead or asbestos. They were tested to meet SVHC standards.

✍🏿GREAT DURABILITY: our crayons use new synthetic technology, which makes the crayons hard to break and more durable.

🎁PERFECT GIFTS: with everything you need to start creating, this case is a great gift for girls and boys. Small enough to fit in a book bag, kids will love to use these vividly colored, durable crayons at home or at school. 

📝 Product details:
-Quantity: Peanut Crayons Washable Drawing Set (12 pieces)
-Material: Natural Wax
-Age appropriateness: 3+ years old

📦 Package includes:
-12 x Crayons.