Montessori Giraffe Busy Book

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A fun and engaging way to improve fine motor skills! ✍🏿

 (and create hours of FUN and EVERLASTING memories together 🤩)

      "We bought this for our 1 year old to have in the car as she’s reached an age where she tends to get bored on car rides. This book is wonderful!"


Why is this super fun toy a must-have?

🦒SAFETY FIRST: Our quiet book is designed with safety in mind. All pieces are securely sewn or glued to the book with Velcro, so there's no risk of choking or swallowing small parts. You can rest easy knowing your child is safe while playing with this book.

🦒 PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: This book is also perfect for taking on the go. It's lightweight, compact, and completely silent, making it easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack for long journeys or quiet time in church or restaurants.

🦒 BEST MATERIALS: We take pride in the quality of our quiet book. Unlike ink printing, each part of the book is 3D felt stitched, with enhanced thickness on each page, sturdy Velcro, and tight pockets. This book is built to last and can be passed down to siblings, cousins, friends, and future generations.

🦒 HIGHLY INTERACTIVE: Our quiet book is highly interactive, with different activities on each page that help your child develop their fine motor skills. From buttons and zippers to buckles and shoelaces, this book offers endless opportunities for your child to learn and grow while having fun.

🦒GREAT GIFT: Finally, we believe that reading is a lifelong gift. Starting early with a book like this can help your child develop a love of reading that will stay with them throughout their life. It's never too early to start reading to your child and helping them develop important life skills.

📝  Product details:
-Quantity: 1 Montessori Felt Calming Board Book

-Material: Felt
-Age appropriateness: 3+ years old

📦 Package includes:
-1X Montessori Felt Calming Board Book.